Girlfriend left me and I dont know what to do?

So my girlfriend of 2 years left me yesterday due to a fight we got into. First off let me say that I am a very old fashion, old school moral kind of guy. We got into a fight over her communicating with different men that I didn't know. Through out our relationship she has always talked to other guys and I am fine with small talk with someone but I feel like if your in a committed relationship talking to someone else other than your spouse all the time is not ok. It wasn't just one guy or a few. There were always new guys that popped up on her phone who I didn't know and not going to lie it bothered me. I didn't feel as though I was being insecure to the situation, I just think this is one of my core values in a relationship, and that is to stay exclusive with your spouse in every manner. I didn't talk with any other women at all and I feel like this mind set and way of thinking is lost in today and is frowned upon. Like there are no good women out there who actually like to be in an equal relationship to make each other happy. Go out of the way for each other kind of thing. Am I wrong to think this way? I wanted to get an outside opinion on this and would like to hear ways you guys have gotten through a break up as well. I love her very much and it is very hard for me right now. Any input would be outstanding. Thanks for reading and your input.


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  • Spend some time with close friends or family. Try to get your mind off of her. She doesn't sound very trustworthy.


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  • slight jealousy maybe? then again most if any of her guy friends youd already know about if they were close to her. Random new guys all the time would be a little weird but not uncommon if you're in college and partying and hanging out and meeting new people.

    What i think this comes down to is trust and you had this fight because something was off and you didn't fully trust her. If the relationship was fine, you wouldn't be worrying about what she's always up to or who she's hanging out with boy or girl. Youve got your own shit to worry about and own things to do Gotta trust them that theyre not messing around

    • Jealousy? Even if there is jealousy why does it matter to an extent? Trust is not the problem at all. Every one thinks that trust is just this thing that your supposed to give out right away and it will just make you feel ok with any situation. This is the mind set im talking about that is just irrational in my opinion. Trust is earned, not just given. So with all that being said you didn't really answer my question.

    • You didn't really ask a question. All you asked is if you're wrong in your judgement that your girlfriend shouldn't talk to other guys. You kept saying that she was always talking to other guys which there isn't a problem with. Do you think she cared if you were hanging out with chick friends or talking to other girls? Like i said, it comes down to trust. You were together 2 years and it sounds like you never trusted her. Trust is earned yes... you have to trust her that she'll know when to say no if a guy hits on her or he's just another platonic friend.

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