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My ex and I have started talking recently now for just about to be 3 weeks. I have gone to visit him for majority of the time that we were talking in hopes of getting back together. The first time I went and visited him, he said he didn't want to get back together yet because we haven't talked long. Then yesterday he said he wants to get back together but he doesn't trust me. How do I win his trust back? Also, how do I distance myself from him so that I can lower the blow if it doesn't work out? I really care about him but this heartache is hurting me so bad:(. He said he was crying after I left but who knows... What should I do? I kind of feel like even though it's been nearly 3 weeks since we have started talking again.


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  • "How do I win his trust back?" What precisely did you do? What happened?

    • I have a lot of guy friends and he didn't want me to talk to any of them anymore. So he would go throughy phone to make sure that I wasn't and I changed my passcode and started deleting messages. He claims I cheated on him when I never did.

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    • Simple friendly conversations many of which were guys that I have known for years and who live in a different state than I do. He didn't want me to talk to any one except for him point blank. The only reason I started doing it behind his back was for the simple reason that I got tired of him always going through my phone. Not to mention we were in a LDR so if I wanted to cheat on him I could have. Easily. But I never did.

    • Hmmm well if that's the case then he's being unreasonable and you're just gonna have to let him go.

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  • Cut and run. Over and done.

    You're prolonging the inevitable and torturing yourself by keeping in contact. Next!


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