Omg I think my ex just called me? What to do?

She broke up with me a week ago, and I think it's her number. Even though I didn't know it by heart, I'm pretty sure it's hers.

What should I do... I left it ring and didn't pick up because I'm in No Contact!!!

What could she want?


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  • Call back.
    Don't budge though ,
    Just say, "I see you called so I'm returning your call..."
    See what she has to say but don't say how hard it is for you

    • I'm worried I'll fall apart... I'm telling you I'm not in a great state :/

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    • Did u call it back?

    • I checked, it's a friend of mine.

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  • You should save that number into ur phone so u can see her on whatsapp...

  • did you already delete her number? ?

    • Yeah I did... I was heart broken and inevitably got angry and made a rash choice.

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    • Weird things is thar I had a breakdown just before the call. I was literally asking my ex to give me a call... Weird haha, I got trolled though.

    • I know i saw it was your friend which is why I said what I did, but still chin up buttercup it'll get better

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