I still miss my ex after 4 months, what todo?

Its been 4 months since my ex boyfriend broke up with me on new years eve after being together nearly a year! I was disappointed because i really liked him and his family! I have been dealing with it well as i have kept myself busy with work, learning to drive and focus more on myself! I have been out clubbing with my friends at the weekends which has helped to take my mind off him! But I still find myself feeling lonely in the evenings during the week as i miss his company sometimes. I don't feel ready to start dating anyone yet either but is it normal to feel like this? Should i be completely over him by now?


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  • This will sound awful, but remember everything he didn't do, all the times he forgot, all of the times he hurt you, etc.

    That doesn't mean think he's inherently an asshole because he's your ex, but remember that he's your ex for a reason, even if HE ended it. You two weren't compatible, clearly, so he moved on. That's reason enough to realize this isn't something to be sad over.

    Just remember how shitty it was to leave you on new years and tell yourself that there's someone out there (even if it's in the future) who will love you and WON'T dump you.

    • Yeah i understand what your saying! I know i need to remember how much he hurt me on new years eve! I know deep down that its the right thing to not be with him but I'm hoping that I'll meet someone else who will love me for me.

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    • Yeah, maybe i should put more effort in myself like doing more exercise and improve myself. I don't want to go out looking for it like going on dating sites etc.. thats not me. But hopefully i will start to believe in myself and become happier!

    • No worries, no need to. Just work on your career, your own goals, and it'll happen on it's own.

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