We seemed distant for months. One day I overheard her tell a friend she cheated on me. Broke up next day. Should I have broken up with gf sooner?

She had been talking to a guy she works with since she started working there. At first she complained about him. Then gradually started talking about him more often. She has always had more guy friends then girl friends. Whenever I questioned her about if she liked him or was interested in him as more than a friend she always said no. Towards the end of the relationship, before I found out she had cheated with him, when I questioned her about her relationship with him she accused me of not being secure with our relationship. A few days later is when I overheard her say she had cheated with her coworker when I was out of town.
  • I should have broken up when I felt we were drifting apart.
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  • I did right to wait until I found out she was interested in someone else.
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  • It doesn't matter when you did it, you made the right choice after you found out. Now move on with your life


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  • Screw what @akadatank44 said. You did a wise thing by hanging on, running away from it just makes you look like a pussy. Yes it hurts but its very mature of you to stick it out to the very end especially if she was special to you. But of course if a red flag comes up like that again in another relationship you gotta jump on that and be more assertive you're only going to get that assertiveness from situations like this. Life gets better.

    • Good answer. Yes. She was special to me (my first). I wanted to believe her when she told me she was only talking to him as friends. Luckily, I caught her after the first time she cheated (something I overheard). Good advice about what to do in next relationship too.

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  • Yeah dude you should of. She is a bitch sorry ladies. She lied to your face practically by telling you your not secure in the relationship but she is giving hand jobs to the guy at work. She is a hypocrite.

  • I think it's fine you didn't just jump to conclusions. Whether you left after finding out she cheated or having not known that and giving it some more time before you decided it just wasn't going to work out between the both of you is fine.

    A lot of women respect a man for giving them the benefit of the doubt and wanting to work things out, rather than just bolt at the first sign of trouble.

    You can't worry or regret your decision to wait, since that means you actually cared about this person and the relationship enough to wait things out.


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