How can I give my ex concert tickets?

Okay, so when we were still dating, I was thinking about something to get him for his birthday, money isn't really a struggle for me so I got him VIP concert tickets to one of our favorite bands who are going to be performing near us. Now I bought four tickets, two for he and I, and two for our friends who are also a couple. I still like him though and he's still sort of my friend but I don't want to go back out with him, I just want to be friends, so how can I invite him to go to the concert with us without making it sound like a date?

I was thinking something like: Hey so when we were still dating I bought these for you and it's still a great opportunity so I was wondering if you want to go?

Thoughts? (Ps if it makes a difference were both freshmen)


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  • ask him exactly like you said it.
    if he doesn't want to it's his loss really...

    But why don't you invite someone else instead?


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  • If you guys are still in good terms as friends then yes ask him if he wants to go still.. nothing wrong with going as friends.

  • Stop lying to yourself. You know u still want him. Just ask out a diff guy and try to move on. I'm not trying to sound harsh but you are only hurting yourself.