Deleted my ex from Facebook and now feeling guilty about it! Help!

I recently broke up with my boyfriend after he told me that he had met someone else and had been cheating on me for a while.

He came out with the old chestnut "I'm really sorry, you're a really great girl and I'd love for us to be still friends but I've been seeing someone else while I've been away"..

Now in a fit of rage, deleted his number, deleted him from Facebook, MSN, and my email. (He's in the army and when he's away these used to be our main form of contact) so I basically told him don't bother contacting me as I'm too upset.

Problem is I'm feeling guilty for saying this! Because although its never nice to be cheated on, at least he had the decency to admit it and break things off. Should I apologize and say I'm really sorry for deleting you, but I just can't handle talking to you right now or just forget about the whole thing altogether?

Plus I've had no contact with him for about a week as he's still away in Afghanistan at the moment but due to return on Friday and may not know I've deleted him yet...

We were friends before we got together and I do miss talking to him. But I just can't deal with the whole new girl situation right now, plus I have a feeling I'll probably end up saying a few things I'll regret right now so need the space hence why I deleted him.

I don't want to come across as a heartless bitch but think he does need to know he's hurt me badly and I'm not sure I've done it in the right way.

Forget about it
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Apologize to him
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Wait and see what happens
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Deleted my ex from Facebook and now feeling guilty about it! Help!
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