Is it normal for an ex to act this way?

well, he was the one who wanted to end things mainly due to long distance, I guess. Or maybe it's becaue he doesn't like me anymore. I never really got to clarify that with him but I'm over it now anyway. It's been 2 months since our breakup.

Okay so I messaged him After a month of no communication asking if he wants to meet up and he seemed to be so happy and excited. Like, he says "see you soon, xxxx!" and he uses lots of smileys.

we met and ate at a restaurant and he paid for my dinner. I offered to pay but he insisted. I mean, when we were togteher, he never even treated me out for anything so why now? Which was really nice of him though :)

and then after dinner we got to go to this open space with steps and sat next to each other. I noticed that he kept on moving closer to me subtly to the point that our arms and part of hips/thigh touch together. I Didn't move to see if he will, but he didn't

and now I just messaged him saying thanks for the dinner and sorry for the hassle (he lives far from the city center, like an hour travel time) and he replied saying "it's my pleasure :) it's not a hassle, really!"

Why is he acting like this if he broke up with me? Do you think he still likes me? Well, would you act the same way to your ex if you're in his position?

okay, a quick background, he's studying abroad and won't be back until 3 years so he broke up with me. He says he doesn't wnat to be in an LDR and insists I entertain other guys because he believes there are lots who are waiting in line for me. I told him I was okay to wiat for him and there are no other guys but he really doesn't want. I asked if it was because of me and at first he said no, then yes, then later changed it again to no and insists that he just wants to be alone at the moment. Focus on his studies and all. But at the same time, he says I have no chance, we won't end up together even when he gets back home because he says he's scared that if he says yes, I'll stop entertaining guys and just wait for him

Is he really just being a nice person or... is there something else?


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  • He actually seems to be considerate of your best interests long term, and he's wisely being honest with himself. In your case, our relationship had less to do with anything about you and more of it just being a logistical casualty.

    I actually commend him for not putting off what he's planned for, as well as giving you the opportunity to not be lonely during the very long times apart you two would have to endure.

    I'm sure he really likes you and loves you, and his decision to be up front and honest with you as to why he broke things off is kind of refreshing these days. Normally the guy wouldn't say anything and would then shack up with whomever he felt like while he was away, while he expected you to have no social life whatsoever anxiously awaiting his return.

    Nope, he sounds like a good guy and he did you a favor. Might not feel or sound that way, but you can't hate a man who is both honest and mature about making things fair for you.

    • True, Im not mad at him. You mean to say he broke up with me because he wants me to 'be happy' since he's away but he still in fact likes me? Or he means to say I really don't have a shot at him because he doesn't see me that way anymore and I should find somebody else?

      Also, would you recommend still talking to him? Or should I stop initiating contacts now?

    • Yeah, I think he's thought about what's most realistic and comfortable for BOTH of you. He's put thought in understanding the difficulty being in a committed relationship while being so far away for so long, and he's also thought about what you would have to contend with. At least that's the benefit of the doubt I'll give him.

      I think he likes you just fine. He's just not ready to commit to something before he's finished pursuing his education and early life goals.

      I don't see any problem talking with him, unless he thinks it's not a good idea, but I think he'd be completely fine with that. And you never know; you two could rekindle things when it's all said and done, but for now, both of you are doing the right thing by being realistic about the logistics of everything and pursuing early life goals before being ready to settle down.

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