Finally understood why my GF broke up with me?

I guess it's some kind of closure, and it's not as bad as I thought it was.

It's not because she lost attraction... we had sex just before ending the relationship (No attraction = no sex)

It's simply because she is completely overwhelmed by her work and just needs time and space to work on it. Being in a relationship as well as having to put a lot of effort into her studies/exams was just way, way too much.

I'll just give her the space she needs until I know her exams are over, and I'll probably contact her then when her head is cleared up.

Sounds good?


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  • Good plan, but cover yourself and maybe look at other options too. At that age, a lot can happen in 6 months


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  • The stage of life she's at right now?

    Most free time she will have till she is retired.

    • Yeah well she might not have the stress and anxiety she has at the moment further down the line.

      University is by far one of the most stressful times of one's life... I don't really care if you disagree really, but depending on the course you do, it's fucking horrible.

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    • Who knows. This is a biiiig red flag If she means more to you than a casual partner.

    • A big red flag would be if she had done it over and over again each time she had a little pressure or whatever. The fact that it's this once when she's suffering from all kinds of crap that she has done it.

      Anyway I think we're done here ;)

  • yes dude... don't be above her head... she needs concentration basically...;-)

    • Yup, and when she realises I'm not pressuring her she'll come round... I know it.

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