Whats the best way to move on from a break up?

I had been dating this guy for around 4 to 5 months now. We considered each other bf/gf. However, right now we live about 2 hours from each other and had horrible communication. He's in residency and I'm a nurse so we talked to each other when we got a chance. I tried to communicate more but I always felt like I was giving more than he was. We both agreed to break up last week and decided to be friends. I found out some news this week that mt mom has cancer and may have only 3-6 months left. I texted him yesterday about cancer treatment and he told me he would give me a call in a bit. I waited and then that night finally asked him what time would be best for him to call me. He told me he was in New Orleans and wouldn't be able to at the moment and suggested I call him tomorrow. I only texted him today but I'm hurt by the situation and especially after being intimate with him. i thought even as a friend he would care but I guess not.


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  • First, I am sorry for you and your mom and the awful news you received. This situation has the potential to bring you and the boyfriend back together again but for the wrong reasons. That's why you shouldn't turn to him for advice. You are a nurse so you know plenty of other physicians you can ask. Maybe you reached out to him from a subconscious desire to reunite. It's understandable under these circumstances but, ultimately, it will complicate your life.


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  • I would cut all ties with a guy I just can't be around with anyone since it's only fair to the both of you


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