Girls, can you move on completely from your crush? How?

By completely, I mean COMPLETELY. It's been a couple semesters since I'm crushing this guy (has gf) and so far, no one is able to replace him. How do/did you do it?


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  • Yes, I have before. Once I seen who they really were and seen that they didn't have interest it was gone, not fast but quick enough. If I had a crush on a guy who had a GF I'd stop immediately, I look at it from the GF's perspective but anyway I don't want to persure attention from a guy who is taken. No thanks, too much of a headache and just wrong.

    • I completely agree with you on how wrong it is! but for some reason I just can't move on from him. I tried checking out other guys, but my feelings for this one always came back to me no matter what :(

    • Hmmm but it's probably infatuation hun not real feelings but I don't know you have to think what's best for you? DO you really want to chase a guy who is taken? I wouldn't like to do that but up to you. Focus on you, make yourself confident and that will attract the right guy (s).

  • I'm actually having this problem as well and I just try to avoid him at all costs. Stay away from him so I don't see him.


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