When do you know to get over to get over someone? How do you know its time?


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  • When you know there is no going back.

    • But how do you know there is no turning back?

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    • You will win MH though.

    • if you can't then you don't have anything to go back to.
      well I wish you best of luck
      you know what people say
      if you don't get over the wrong one you'll never meet the right one

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  • When he has moved on. If he's getting on with his life then it's time for you to get on with your life too!


  • When the memories you shared won't bring tear in your eyes.
    When the thought of him being with someone else won't bother you.
    When you will be able to open your heart to someone else.
    When you will stop stalking him on social media and delete his number from your mobile without giving a second thought.
    When you will able to eat and sleep alright.
    When you will no longer need any alcohol to comfort you.

    • 1) They still do
      2) Still does
      3) Hell no
      4) I don't have social media.
      5) I do it alright
      6) I don't drink

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