On a break w bf but he doesn't know whether he wants me back because he likes another girl?

So my bf and I have been on a break for two days because I "bitch" too much (which honestly I do but it's because I care and I'm trying to guide him). When he broke up with me, I found out he wanted to but didn't want to hurt my feelings. So we broke it off. He said if he misses me within a week, he'll come back. who the fuck says that.-.
I've been heartbroken and depressed for the past 2 months for other reasons, but this just added more sadness. I haven't been eating properly, I would cut myself and I would do nothing. I feel no motivation.
It's hard to give him space since I miss him so much and care for him. Whenever I'd text or call he'd get mad but whenever he calls he's nice. Like wtf.
Today I found out he has feelings for another girl and she also likes him. He doesn't know who to pick. I feel very hurt and lead on...
So what should I do? I want him back so how can I get him back? Should I ignore him? but at the same time I'm scared he'll pick her over me. Advice ladies and guys?


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  • ... I've been heartbroken and depressed for the past 2 months for other reasons...
    Now that he has Also Added This to his fire, skyysarahtops, this is telling me, should be telling you as well, the writing on the wall and all with 'I found out he has feelings for another girl,' is he will Use in his back pocket during this so--called 'On a break,' and if it doesn't work out, he will be back for the Missing the Kissing old lame duck excuse.
    You both have been having problems, Trouble in Denmark, you should say, but now that he has picked up and gotten himself another chick, this schmo from Idaho, he is leading you on, stringing you and your broken heart on, with 'He doesn't know who to pick' and with this... is a fickle pickle who really doesn't belong in Any relationship.
    Forget him, he is a loser here, dear. You can never trust him again and even if you would go back with him tomorrow, it probably would be the same sorrow, the same redrick, and even More... I would cut myself and I would do nothing.
    Move on, you will only end up burned again.
    Good luck and blessings. xxoo


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  • When your partner just gives you headaches. Best to walk away.
    Especially when as you say, there is other stuff going on in your headspace...
    Put yourself first, especially when he is flakey

  • Breath, you said you try to guide him then do so gently. The man is the head but woman is the neck, you don't need to harp on everything to try and correct his mistakes, he'll figure out what bothers you eventually (if he cares). As far as cutting and depression go, you're 16, in two years you'll be in uni, grow the fuck up and be a young adult. Use the freedom you still have in highschool for productive ways to help you in the not so distant future, not pitying yourself and digging a deeper hole.


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  • Aw poor girl :( I know how hard this can be, it's easier said than done, everytime me and my boyfriend argue, he threatens to break up. Hun, if you've been upset because of everything, maybe it's time to move on, :) there's plenty of nice guys out there willing to treat their girl with respect

  • You're only 16, in a few years you will realise that a boy who "doesn't know who to pick" is a boy you should definitely not pick. I know this isn't what you want to hear right now. I know you can't simply stop liking this boy, or stop wanting to be with him. Even though objectively, it would be best if you tried to stop being focused on him so much.

    Have you talked to anyone about your depression and the self-injury? You should confide into someone if you haven't yet. I think taking care of yourself is much more important than worrying about a boy who can't make his mind up and lets the sword of Damocles dangle above your head.

    In a few years you will look back to this time and you will smile to yourself and realise that it was just a little bump in the road. I know this is no real consolation to you right now, because you're obviously hurting right now. I just want you to know that this too shall pass.

  • You're the type of person that needs to have a good relationship with a therapist, not a boyfriend.


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