Does he suddenly not like me? Even as friend?

It's a long story but I recently ran into an old guyfriend and we went out a couple times and had a lot of fun, he even suggested taking a couple days off for my birthday (which is a month from now) and us going out.
He told me I was pretty and that how we ended things left him with more questions than answers and he likes to not think about it. Anyway, in person he's totally fun, especially the last time.
Over text though, he mostly replies with short answers and when I asked if he wanted to go with me to look at handguns since he has a lot and I don't know much about them, he said, "I might not be able to this week but maybe other weeks I may be able to help ya out" which seems weird, especially after how enthusiastic he seemed about us going out for my birthday. It was 100% his idea and he said that he wanted to like 3 times.
Some people said he might be avoiding me so he doesn't get hurt again and others said he's not interested.
I will add that I told him that I had a crush on him back then so I didn't know if I made him uncomfortable. He seemed surprised and said, "Did you really? Well now I feel like an *** "
Since he was acting weird when we texted, I texted him saying, "I'm gonna give you some space haha" I said haha to lighten it a little and he said "Haha wutevs" and seemed mad. He's never said "wutevs" to me before or spelled it like that. I told him I was leaving the ball in his court because I don't like being pushy and he said, "No you're good" I didn't reject him harshly on purpose. It's a long story but a girl that liked him confronted me when she knew he could hear
He told me a better way to be able to get a hold of him all the time instead of text because he has bad reception at work. It doesn't seem like he'd say that if he didn't want to talk. We used to text all the time and he wasn't this boring. I also know it's not just because he's busy because no matter what he's doing, he's boring and uninterested through texting
Another thing, I asked if there was anyone he was interested in and he said something to the effect of (can't remember exact words) that he wasn't letting himself like anyone because he didn't want to get desperate again


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  • As wise as I am here, dear, I spotted the problem right off the bat When-----We ended things left him with more questions than answers and he likes to Not think about it...
    I feel This may have been the sour ball that was left in his mouth and then from Then on, things started this domino affect, you could say. With the 'Handgun help' that may 'Seems Weird' in his own book, this could have also added fat to the fire.
    There are other things I am reading that may be turning him away, holding him back. He may not like all the questions or things you are telling him here, dear. He was 'Acting weird' with the 'Space' thing as though you were this couple already and yes, I would have to agree with you on the 'Crush' that probably became an awkward Kodak moment.
    You need to go slow with his flow and go easy on him. If he seems 'Boring and uninterested,' it may be just the way he is Now with you and it is leaving you feel he doesn't seem Into you. And with his Helpful hint with no hymning and hawing, he has now even told you, which doesn't have to be etched in stone... He wasn't letting himself Like anyone because he didn't want to get desperate again.
    He may or may not be in touch with you again for your birthday and if so, go slow this time.
    Good luck and Happy birthday a bit early. xx


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