Ex boyfriend who I was trying to fix things with is going completely crazy?

I was trying to fix things with my ex boyfriend but today he has been going on a crazy spell. A few days ago he stopped texting me and started ignoring me because people were apperently telling him things. After nearly three days of him not talking to me, he finally talks to me and tells me what was said. The stuff that was said is half true which was I was talking to two guys. The other stuff is not true and yet he still doesn't believe me. I then told him exactly what stuff was not true and he could go and ask who ever he wanted and he comes back at me asking who these two guys are. 1.) An ex change student who was from England which is from a state where I lived and attended high school until I moved to where I do now until half way through junior year and now he asks who this other guy is who so happened to be my neighbor when I lived in that state! I never have talked about either of these guys before and I am pretty freaked out about all of this stuff especially when I didn't have anything involved with either of these two. What should I do? He doesn't believe me at all no matter what I say!


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  • He has some serious trust issues. Since this relationship is over right now, get over it and move on. There is no reason to prove him wrong, he is obviously too stubborn


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  • Abort mission to "fix" things run run like hell. Trust is key with out trust there is no love


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