My ex girlfriend broke up with me today and in the same day a crush asks her out to be her gf and she says yes?

I can't believe my girlfriend of 1 year and 3 months breaks up with me today. And in the same day a crush who has been talking to her ever since we started talking asked her out. I mean technically she is so gle and can do whatever she wants but it just hurts a lot. A girl who has a crush on me has been texting me and I've been avoiding her just because It didn't feel right to flirt with someone else when I still love my ex. And my ex easily says yes to another guy. 😓😞 I know there is nothing I can do. I'm just looking for some motivation to get through this. Thank you 😓


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  • Aww that's horrible im sorry :( If she moved on this fast then either he's a rebound or she didn't have that strong of feelings for you. She was probably talking to him while you were dating which is why this seems like an easy transition for her. Either way its shitty and im sorry you're going through this. Just keep your head up, you can do better! I'd delete her off of any social networking & just keep busy. Hang out with some guy friends, go to the gym, do stuff you like! It just takes time :)

  • Some people move on fast.


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