What is bestfriends in a relationship?

So my ex and I have been broke up for about 2 weeks. We've dated nearly 2 years, on again off again. We decided we would take a break and be best friends. Last Saturday we went to a concert and out for dinner. During the concert he kissed me and after dinner he kissed me. Ever since then we've been seeing each other everyday. He made the comment that if we were just best friends he would have to cut that off because you can't just be best friends with someone you love. So he said were best friends in a relationship. What does that mean? We've seem to be getting closer and closer everyday. He calls me just to wake me up when he knows I have to be up at a certain time. He calls throughout the day and calls to tell me good night and he loves me. He also made a comment that he didn't want anyone else, he only wanted me, but we're just gonna be best friends right now. He's talked about marriage and kids a lot here lately also. Also stating how I look more beautiful since I've lost weight, but I look good either way. Can anyone tell me what's going on, because I'm soooo confused!


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  • Maybe he just wants the opportunity to lay the field for a while.


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  • Maybe he wants to be able to talk to other girls or whatever for a while? but he doesn't want you doing the same thing?


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