If a guy says he isn't ready to date after a bad breakup but he wants to later when he feels better?

Will he follow through with asking you out?

I have a feeling he never will...
I asked a guy out and he said yes but not right now as he is "all over the place" after a "messy break up".
What does this mean? Is there still a chance in a few months time? Or will I never hear from him? Will he ever hit me up?
I met a guy through someone I work with... I only pchatted to him briefly but he was really nice and cute and I like him 😊
Apparently he asked about me too and said I was hot.
So I added him on fb and we have been sending messages back and forth.
Anyways I asked him if he wanted to catch up for a drink sometime and he told me that he is keen but now right now... Cos he just went through a messy breakup so he just wants some alone time and toime with his mates... He said he would like to when he isn't "all over the place" and that he will contact me when he feels ready...

Is he just not into me? Was this a gentle let down?

Will he he ever contact me or not? It could take years to get over a breakup. I need to forget him hey?


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  • If he's still hurting over his breakup and it's been somewhat recent, then he's probably just being honest with you. I know after I've broken up with some people, I couldn't even get myself interested for no strings attached sex with someone when they were all but begging me for it; at least I couldn't for a while.

    There's a chance he's just trying to be nice and let you down easy, but I respect people who know they're still processing a recent breakup and ask people to respect their need for some time to reflect and recover. That's better than when you're still reeling and get into another relationship anyway. That usually never works out and the person you get into the relationship with ends up feeling used.

    Not sure if you two will live happily ever after or if he'll call you again, but let him grieve and in the meantime, keep your options open to date other people.


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  • Every guy is different. My opinion is if he wants to later he should want to now.


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  • Take him at his word. He either is dodging you or he's not. Either way, you can't date him. At least not now.

    Say you understand and to call when he's ready and IF you're AVAILABLE you'd be happy to go out.

    Don't forget the all caps part above. It's critical.


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