Unspoken break up?

We've reached an impasse. I accidently insulted him out of ignorance about his culture and he reacted not by correcting me and telling me that it's offensive, but by being verbally aggressive and downright hostile. So I asked him if he just wanted to break up. He said his view of me isn't positive at the moment but maybe it would be good to talk in person. We let things sit for 2 days. I didn't initiate because I was hurt. But then he initiated and apologized for reacting the way he did. I explained that I meant no offense like he had implied, I was truly unaware it was offensive to him. It's clear the problem is not solved because he said lack of knowledge is no excuse. Then he said it falls under "lack of introspection" and "a life left unexamined" It seems like black and white thinking to me. Ever since he's been writing "sweet dreams" and "morning" every day. Sometimes he volunteers info about his day like messaging me to tell me his audit went horrible and he's exhausted and then inquiring about my day. I've been initiating more and more. It has been almost a week and he has not brought up hanging out. I'm not eager enough to initiate hanging out because I'm still hurt. It feels as if we're just friends at this point. Why would he text me like that and nothing else? It's incredibly weird to me, I never dealt with something like this before. What could be going on I'm looking for some outside guesses, for amusement purposes really.


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  • I'm not sure what to make of it, but if he's expecting you to respect and know his culture like the back of your hand, then he needs to understand when people make honest mistakes, they are to be forgiven in this culture.

    If you were trying to hurt him and said something you wish you could take back, then I'd understand why got upset and would still be mad; but you didn't and went out of your way to make him understand you absolutely meant no ill intent towards him or his culture.

    At this point, it's up to you, but you're not out of line by just asking him straight up if he wants to be in a relationship with you (which includes all aspects of being in a relationship) or if he's just going to dink and dunk with text messages until he decides he's no longer mad you're not an expert in World Culture?


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  • Ohh I don't know but his reaction to your mistake is a big BIG red flag.
    He clearly has no self control or filter to think before freaking out.
    Yes he apologized but this is going to happen every time you say something that he does not agree with.
    I would let this one go honestly


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