How can I get my TV back?

I lend my TV to my neighbour, who I thought was my friend. She was going to move out as soon as she got married. But she unexpectadly left a month earlier, while I was out for a few weeks. She send me a message saying come and get your tv because im leaving. Just like that. And didn't reply me after. I thought it was personal but she also didn't say anything to our landlord.

Whats her deal? Im kinda shocked people can be like this. How can you trust people? I dont know if its because she is muslim-moroccan because they dont have the best reputation. She had told me she was depressed, maybe she will cool down and give it back? In worst case I should sue her?
Though I would rather do things the easy way... But how is that¿? Thanks so much


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  • Here in the US, I'd press for criminal charges, but it's probably best to just write it off as a lesson learned.

  • Go to her place and get it?


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