I can't forgive him. I tried to but, after 3 years of saying the same things out of anger, I've started to believe his cries?

I Feel like he played me, it's hard for me to let it go of the things he said, it plays over and over in my head , like" how could he"... I gotten angry at him before never once tried to break his spirit.. Well not until recently, I gotten sick of him thinking he's saving me, doing me a favor.. I mean why didn't he just let me be, if he didn't see things the way I did... You don't pretend you do cause you thought I was cool. WTF.. I wish he would of never!!!
I also feel uncomfortable around him, and speaking to him, it's not suppose to be like this. he's said a lot of terrible things to me sense we known eachother, out of anger of course. It's been 3years by the way.. each time we get angry at eachother and we're, out for blood.
we argued back and forth.
But there's a lot of what he's said, it's always the same thing... For instance " he only liked me for my personality", like WTF is that. Im no dog.. Like a fucking dog for its personality.. I have feelings I'm fucking human.. he would say I'm not all that attractive, THEN WHY FUCKING BOTHER, GO BE WITH YOUR TYPE.. WTF IS THAT. .. there's way more attractive woman he can be with, he only seen us as friends, THEN WHY GO THROUGH ALL THIS TROUBLE.. ALL YOUVE EVER DONE BY GOING THROUGH THIS TROUBLE IS MADE ME FEEL WORSE. helk say I don't fit into his lifestyle", OH REALLY, GOD GIFT TO WOMEN.. SMH.. . I think, one time he said he really wanted my friend... SO Go!!
He's called me chubby, ugly.. etc... he said knew I liked him a lot more than he liked me and he felt bad that he hurt my feelings, originally because I was a cool person. So I think he believes that he secretly sneaking around with me should make me
Part:2.. he thought it would make what happy? He lied about his feelings towards me. Get changed he said he doesn't really feel that way, anymore and want me to forgive him, but I can't I'm having a hard time with this.. I don't know what to do


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  • So the better question is... why the f*ck are you staying around so this asshole can continue to reduce your self-esteem?

    • I want out, he claims he wants a friend ship but I'm past all that. He has yet to look me in my eyes to say he's sorry, all of his apologizes are via text. He has yet to be the man I fell for and straight up look me in my face, I guess I was holding on thinking things will change. But I'm done with that thought he's on to others.. so I should be to.

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    • Thanks girl. Good luck : ) Please listen to me

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  • Just dump him and move on seriously. Stop wasting tears on someone who clearly doesn't care. Don't expect a sorry from him it isn't coming. You need to wrap your head around the fact that not every guy is genuinely good. There are assholes and bad people and selfish people out there. Think realistically instead of with emotions and you will be much better off.


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