Guys, How do I distance myself from my ex who has been confusing me for months?

I'm trying to put some space between us. I love him but I just can't take anymore pain & I haven't seen him in months yet he walks my dogs.
What's a nice way to tell my ex bf to stop walking my dogs? Please give me some advice. I'm Doing this tonight


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  • Girl, you HAVE to keep him away from you, because your mind - which is a physical / biological organ in your body - needs TIME to live a reality without him in it. And there is no way to know how much time you will need. But the more your brain gets to see him or even know that he is near, then you prolong the agony - trust me! You have to simply tell him and not care what his response is... "Look, we are no longer a couple, and I am having to process that reality. And as long as you keep coming around, I cannot get past what happened, and I cannot heal. So if you have any respect for me at all, please stay away from me and allow me time to get use to living life day to day without you in it. Because if you keep coming around, all you are doing is hurting me more, and I cannot accept that."

    Do it girl! Do it for you and do it so that the idiot gets a clue the next time he plays with someones heart. I'm sorry you're going through this... I am also going through it but not as bad as you are right now, but I feel your pain, trust me... The hole inside is deep, and the thought of someone new is repulsive... so there are no quick fixes. On the plus side, when you come out of this, you will be a better lover and you will know yourself better. Your emotional intelligence will increase and your capacity to recognize love in someone will get better. Hang in there and good luck!

    • Hi, thank you for everything you wrote. I just saw this. Since you posted this I have done just that. I told him I would no longer be needing him to walk my dogs. I lied & said I could no longer afford it. Since then I have not heard from him at all. I have had a sneaking suspicion he has been seeing someone else... I guess I was right. None of it matters anymore. I have to heal as you said. I need to get my mind right.

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  • huh... weren't u asked this be4?

    anyway... tell him POLITELY that u need space basically!


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