How do you forget someone?

Need advice on how to get a girl out of my head...


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  • 1. Break off all contact
    2. Stop looking them up online.
    3. Remove any reminders of them.
    4. Work on your self esteem and confidence.
    5. Get out there, be social and find someone new :)

    • thaanks a lot hope i get her out of my mind been feeling like shit since she distanced her self away from me for no reason..

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    • ill try and ask her what i did wrong or the real reason why she's distancing herself.

    • Yeah I really think you should ! At least then you know the truth :)

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  • Delete her number. Get rid if everything thats reminding you of her. Distract yourself with going out to meet friends, do the things you love

  • whenever you catch yourself thinking of her, don't fight to get her out of your head.. just accept it and let it go, and you should try and find reasons why you could never date her.

  • Whatever you do don't over eat


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