How to get rid of feelings? About the things happened in past?

This girl, she studied with me. I still remember she was in white dress, the very first day. I said hi x. she sais she is not x, her name is y. And I just started the random conversation.
But few days later, she started teaching me so many lessons day by day. Things which I will never forget.
Something like this:

Things are over by now. But I am not able to get rid of it. Everytime, I see somebody, I feel it's the same girl. I am going to get my heart broken eventually. So, I don't even bother to see if a girl passes through me anywhere. And I have developed feeling to hate girls.

Any advice? How to get rid of all these?


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  • Go seek a therapist. Honestly, you seem to be in too deep to get help by yourself. Seek professional help to get you over these feelings...


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  • i am in the same situation as you. it's hard to live without him... and it seems like he sudenly stoped caring about me.

  • Dating will


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