Did not know he has a girlfriend?

I have been seeing a guy for 2 years now and I recieved a message from his girlfriend? She messaged me a whole load of abuse asking how do I know her bf , who am I etc... I am shocked ! I had no idea he has a girlfriend , I only reply with he's a friend back to her , she then was calling me ugly and a phycho :/ I'm the innocent party here ! . When he messaged me we argued he's now telling me he's beeb feeling suicidel and can't let me go , but it's obvious he's picking to stay with Her as they have children that's why , I'm shocked what do I do? He's saying he needs me
And calling me a phycho b.. tch?' And a ugly one :( ... I'm in shock , she can see my chat profile picture and im nowhere near ugly ! ... Not as much as she is


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  • Wow! This mystery girlfriend sounds really mature and together. She couldn't simply ask if you knew he had a girlfriend and instead had to assume you were just all about seducing her man. Based on what you explained she said to you, I can kind of see why her boyfriend went looking for something better. The only problem is he forgot to pull the plug on the idiot.

    The suicidal ploy is bullshit and is his attempt to control and manipulate you. I'm not sure why he'd even say that since you probably want to strangle him anyway for being such a lying douche.

    Please just walk away. I'm really sorry for you and I know it hurts, but get rid of this cancer before it spreads and the crazy girl is at your place trying to break your door down.

    Run, don't walk. Just take the high road and say nothing. There's nothing for you to say as everything is now out in the open. He lied and cheated and you can't trust him. End of story.


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  • ... I'm in shock...
    I am quite sure as the sun rises and sets in the sky, Blondegreeneyes, that You are Not the Only one who Is-----In shock.
    Like yourself, she is devastated, angry and ready to kill someone, and with calling you these wretched names and lashing out at you, I am also quite sure she didn't mean what she says, but like the green eyed monster, she is jealous as sin and everything else... within, much like you here, dear.
    Drop him like a hot potato now. Move on. You know his story, he is not going to leave her or the baggage he has with her, nor the history, and even if he would pick you tomorrow, leaving her behind, you could never trust him.
    Don't become what I call in a "Triangle Threesome," where you are way at the top, looking down, from side to side, at the both of them.
    He is a loser to boot, boot him out of your life and don't look back. He will never change and once you dump his sorry butt, he will be looking and lurking for another to keep secret... maybe even longer this time.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Do you want to spend time with someone that for 2 years couldn't even tell you the single truth that he has a girlfriend?
    I'd say dump & move on!

    • It's obvious she has came across text messages and he's told her something to get out of it? She's calling me a phycho b.. tch and a ugly one , she has seen my profile picture on chat... I'm far from ugly tho

    • I wouldn't take those comments to heart. She was just being nasty because of the situation and the role you play in it. I mean she doesn't even know you so she can hardly actually judge you on anything. Plus she probably didn't even know that you weren't aware of her existence, which makes it all very very awkward for that poor little guy.

    • Thank you I won't take it to heart , hope he's feeling great ! Not !

  • Just block her texts and walk away. You know the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ".
    Well if they have kids together you don't want to be a home wrecker. Plus that guy is a liar and an asshole for cheating on his family and lying to you for 2 years. Do you remember the Scott Peterson murder case in California? It's betrayal on that level, of course minus the murder. ... lol!

  • Leave them be; it's not your scene here. You don't want to get in the middle of that.

    • I will , is it obvious he has told her lies? Phycho b... tch? :( and a ugly one... She can see my chat picture and I'm no where near ugly

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    • That's good to hear.

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  • Cut contact from him asap, he is a lier and a cheater... many girls on here are coming on GAG with the exact game question but since he obviously 2 timed both of you (his gf and you), and was living a double life with 2 girlfriends it's clear he is a cheater and is too greedy for his own good, he is another psychotic male of today's world that feel pushing down womens self-esteem and confidence and guilt tripping them to get what they want is right and doesn't have consiquemces, but i think these type of guys find it a thrill of doing things behind the others back and not getting caught, it's sick really. He never loved ether of you and i don't know how she would ever stay with him any more ether... she should be mad at him... not you...

    Tell his gf that he lied to you and in the entire 2 years you were together he never told me he was with someone or had kids, he was 2 timing both of you and it's up to her if she doesn't want to believe you or not... this women clearly has very low self-esteeem too, he probs pushes her down just as much or she wouldn't be so blind and would be bad at him instead... id think about her poor kids and stop seeing him... he's bad news... how he could do that to his kids... but that's the norm these days... guys making so many women single mothers, it's a disgrace.

  • Would you really want to be with a guy who cheated on his own gf for 2 years. Let's not forget the fact that he was living a double life and lying to you the entire time also. If you get with him it's only going to cause trust issues along with a whole bunch of baby momma drama.

    • I know :( I'm hurt but I will have to deal with that , don't know why she called me a phycho b. itch and ugly , I'm upset and hurt ,

    • Honestly I think that man hurt you both. Who knows what he told her about you that made her want to say those things. But try and stay positive. Trust me people are always going to say things that will hurt you. Only because they want you to feel as low as they do, and honey she's already below you because you know your not those things she called you.

    • So true and thank you :) x

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