Why is he still angry/bitter?

Hi everyone! I've been asking myself this ever since yesterday! Why would a guy (the dumper) be still angry/bitter towards his ex (the dumpee) after he broke up with her 8 months ago? She didn't cheat on him or anything! We were on a on/off relationship for 5 years and 8 months ago he left me via voicemail without explaining himself. I basically moved on but i want a complete closure so i asked him what went wrongand he gave me an angry/bitter answer and i just don't get why? He had a "serious relationship" 1 month post-breakup with a girl who's 8 years younger than him (26-18) , then he left her 4-5months after but still in contact with her and he's already in a new relationship. I forgave him and myself for everything that happened between us and i just want to learn and grow, no bitterness or awkwardness u know!!! So can somebody explain me his behaviour PLZ?
I need a man's opinion please lol. Ladies you're welcome too :) thanks


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  • It doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that he is Blaming you for this whole Break up, blaming you for everything in this so-called 'On a on/off relationship for 5 years' and is being a sore sport in this whole muddle brain matter. Now he has it In for you for him being the 'Dumper,' finding it most likely all unnecessary when things could have worked, having it Go his way but instead, ending it up... going down the highway. Now this big baby is finding himself in problem child messes, blaming you for this as well.
    Put this to bed, rest assure, you did nothing wrong but get mixed up with the likes of This... loser.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He's hurt but shows it through anger. He never got over you (given the rebound relationships.) He probably still misses you but doesn't want you to know.

  • It's typical post relationship behavior.

    • Okay... but what does it mean? I mean its been 8 months and he already had 2 girlfriends and he's the one who broke ip with me, so why is he still mad?

    • Because he's childish. He probably holds a grudge against you.

    • Ohh well i find it hard and funny at the same time to believe lol, shouldn't it be supose to be me to be angry / bitter lol? Oh well... Thank for your advice :)

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