Girls, Just broke up with my girlfriend of a year and a half. Is it completely over?

We've had problems for the last few months. It's been on and off and I can't say that I handled the situation the right way. She has her reasons but I kind of feel like she exaggarates the reasons a little too much. I don't think she has given up on us completely, but I am very afraid that she will start dating other people. Which I know I won't handle very well. We've talked once a few days after and it was a good conversation which kind of still gives me some hope. I'm currently trying to give her some space and hope that she starts missing me and will eventually make contact again. I love her very much and just wish for another chance. I know I can be a better boyfriend and be the kind of guy she wants to be with. I tried to keep this short but any advice is appreciated.


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  • I think that until you can understand and appreciate why she left the relationship, you won't be able to maintain a relationship with her. It doesn't sound to me like you take her perspective very seriously. You sound quite dismissive of her actually.

    Give her space and time. You need it too. I think you need to work on yourself a bit because it doesn't sound like you are all that mature or considerate. Try and be a little less self-absorbed (because it sounds like you are - from this short description anyway).

    • I can't really take this advice seriously because it's incredibly presumptuous of you so assume these things about my character based on a few sentences I wrote on here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think you should watch how you talk to people when you make these over the top assaults on someone's personality.

    • Nah, mate.

    • Then you're obviously an asshole.

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  • You need to find out WHY you two are apart--no cliches, no "I don't knows. Get to the route of the problem--and then deal with it. Right now, it sounds like you don't know why you two are even apart.

    If she says she needs time, give her time. But that doesn't necessarily mean she will miss you.

  • What problems are you having? What caused the breakup?

    • It wasn't just one thing.. But I think a major one was that I wouldn't let things go. An argument or disagreement would start and I wouldn't let it go. It all seems pretty trivial now. I hate how I would get frustrated and take it out on her.

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    • I hope you're right.. Thanks for the advice.

    • You're very welcome!! :))

  • Give her time and space. I'm in that situation at the moment. He's been a little mean to me but is the type that can pick out my flaws one by one but if I say anything about his all I get is. Is that all you got ? At the moment I'm nearly a week without contact. blast time I was upset with him for pting a thumbs up on a girl we have argued about I'm very hurt. I'd be upset if he dated her. But know what pal it's out of our control. We can't control what they do. I've poured my heart out and I'm out of tears and now going through the hating him stage.

  • who broke up with who?

    • She broke up with me.

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    • I apologized the last time we spoke. I'm giving her space. I haven't spoke with her in a week and I'm going to wait until she contacts me first. I don't want to smother her.

    • that's the right thing to be done. kisses.

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