Should I call my ex girlfriend back?

My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago. We were together for 1 1/2 years. She said she wanted to go have fun before she settles down. I know thats means be with other guys. During the first week of our break up she was texting me asking for her shit back. I gave it back to her by putting it on her front porch (didn't really want to see her), I could tell she wanted to see me. She then phoned me later that night saying she just wanted to give me my stuff back but in reality she just wanted to talk. She thought we were in good terms on the phone for some reason, but thats just me being civil. So after the first week went by she started calling me once or twice a day. I didn't answer. She got really upset through texts too. Sent her a simple message saying I can't stay in contact, its simply to hard right now, I can't move on if I'm thinking of you constantly by sending txts. (I still think of her anyway). She called me a few times after this, which I also didn't answer... respect my choice please. Then she posted on social media, one of the websites is still follow her on, I'm done, that was ur last chance! She hasn't contacted me since, although there have been a few unknown callers phoning me which doesn't regularly happen. (trying to connect the dots). My buddies have recently told me to pick up the next time she calls and here what she has to say, but let her do all the talking, and make it short and sweet. I'm starting to think she won't call me again though, just because she's reached out so many times, and I haven't answered. My buddies have recommended unblocking her on social media to maybe get a response, but I'm not sure. I can see her friends telling her not to call again, and thats she's reached out enough. I feel like if I call she'll have noting to say, as she's not the
one phoning. (she broke up with me) I really would like it if she called me, and did the talking, but I'm afraid she's done reaching out?
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She has my spotify account and almost every time she goes on starts playing love songs. Sometimes songs about loving me and how she's moving on. And others about loving and not being able to let go. I haven't been playing anything when I'm on it, directly towards her, but should I play anything specific? Like if I want her to call me? Or leave it? I don't know ahhhhh!!!
Should I call my ex girlfriend back?
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