Getting back with LDR boyfriend who broke it off?

We started out as LDR couple, been together for 3 years and everything was great. We visited each other often and we really loved each other. No major fights or anything ever happened, no trust issues either. Plan was for me to move there but things got in our way and we had to wait more. I found a job here (only to get experience so I can apply for a job there) and he was supposed to find a job too. But he decided to continue with collage, and then things started shaking up. One day he just told me that he doesn't have interest in me anymore, that he is tired of visits (it's like 2h by plane), that he doesn't know where life is gonna take him and that he doesn't think he loves me anymore. So he dumped me. And then he said he would like us to stay friends. I asked him is there any chance of us getting back together one day and he said he doesn't know. Well, I was shocked and crushed. I told him I don't ever want to see him again, deleted him from every social network I had and didn't contacted him for 2 weeks. Then, when my anger cooled off I added him back and now we're "friends". I am still disappointed that he gave up and I still didn't got over him. We don't talk that much, like once a week we would ask each other what's up, and conversation would be same as like we never broke up. One thing is certain, I am not over him and deep inside I hope we get together one day when I really move there (I know I am because I've been planing that even before I met him). He also said that if I come there to visit he wouldn't mind having sex. I don't know what to do. Should I ignore him and become cold or should I keep being friends with him like nothing happened? I am afraid that if I become cold he will totally get over me, but if we stay friends he will stop looking at me sexually. Did he lost interest because of distance or because I wasn't the one for him? If it's the distance, I don't mind staying friends, but if it's the other thing then I don't want.


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  • If a guy who dumped me said this to me: "He also said that if I come there to visit he wouldn't mind having sex", I'd be pretty pissed off.

    What you need to do is accept that it is over. He is making it quite clear that he has no interest anymore and if at all, he wouldn't mind the sex part. Don't keep hanging on to some hope that he will come back, it does not look like he will. I think you should stop talking to him, not to make him come back or make him miss you, but for your own sake.


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