My boyfriend split up with me because I said something stupid. What should I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been together 3 years.
We had an argument and I got really upset. We're both the type of people to say stupid things when we're angry or upset.
I told one of my friends that I was scared that people would think he is abusive. He isn't, but he's just the type of person who ignores me when he's angry and a lot of people have told me I can do better.
This obviously went round and he found out. I never said it to him before he found out, because I'd forgotten about it all and didn't think much of it.
He took it in the worse way possible. I apologised a lot and told him I regret it, but he was really angry and said that we were done.
What can I do?


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  • hope he'll 4get about it in few days...:-)

    otherwise... then he\s not the suitable guy 4 u i suppose


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  • give him sometime , stay away , for 2-3 days , he will calm down and come back

    • Thank you. That seriously seems liks the best option. We've broken up a few times, and it's always been the same xx

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