I miss him, I don't know if he's saying the truth?

I realisied I've made a huge mistake by breaking up with him.
I broke up with a guy who really liked me.
A week later i called and told him that I wanna get back together. He didn't give me an answer right away, a few dats later he called and said "he has a lot on his mind right now and when he has more time he'll contact me."
Is this an excuse or telling me the truth?


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  • Well, you did hurt his pride, and perhaps more so his heart. You can't just do that and then ask him to take you back. Maybe you should have employed a different angle, not this one that blatantly says "You know what, I can come and go as I please, without considering your thoughts and feelings." That's no way to treat a guy, especially one that cares about you, it leaves him confused.
    No wonder he said that. He's probably trying to make sense of the whole scenario. It's best you give him the time he requested.

    • I am giving the time he needs

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  • With you who 'Broke up with a guy who really liked me,' it seems now he is hurt, is still licking his war wounds , and now is giving you his own lame duck excuse of... He has a lot on his mind right now...
    Give him some more time to think it out here, dear. His ego, his pride, even his heart is at stake and with you 'Breaking up with him,' it probably was a knife in his back as well and... he needs time to decide whether he wants to go back and do it again or take the chance that you might fly right this time and really did... Made a huge mistake.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would say truth, guys are direct/blunt...
    You broke up with him for whatever reason, so balls entirely in his court now anyway

    • Thank you
      I thought he might be excusing himself bc he didn't want to get back together bc he's hurt or ego issues.

    • These things happen in life... good luck

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