Guys, My girlfriend is rude what I should do to with her?

Well actually I am ftm " trans man " pre hormone therapy but I find girls in my collage and I spend 11 month to find here and yes after massive amount of try I get her twitter account and I text her and I told her the whole story about me I was honest with her we stating texting and she told me " let's be a friend " I said ok fine she stand text me and call me and I was beside her in the darkest days in her life I noticeWell ac some thing in her since one year some time become close to mee soon much but until all that she showed me that she is in relationship with other guy and she consult me in her relationship proplem since I know her until now she broake up with 4 to 3 guys and she know that I love her and support her too much.. and that's really hurts me... no one of these duck guy did something good or even support her... I asked her many time if you r feeling annoying or feeling uncomfortable towards me tell me in my face plc in order to stop love u and see my life I know I gang hurt but it's batter... she can make design and brick up with her ex s but she is not said that to me , once I ask her for that she said I am busy " I will talk to u late " , she is wired I invite her and she say yes and become exited then she run a way for that either I text her and become suddenly rude or she gangrene stupid exuses and said I am busy , I bought for her many gifts she didn't take any one of them and asked her the same question " do u want stop that because it's consumed our energy and I am really don't like this station it's ok I can repetitive that just tell me "noah I don't like u becomes pla pla pla and that it... In this month she was solo good with me and we doing well suddenly she changed when I ask her to came with me in the dinner and she talk to me in rude way... I am so mad for her and I get anger and I said I will let her for period of time and I will pursue my own action I have many things and achievement to do but in the same time I Don't know what to do?
  • Is she confused because I am FTM
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  • She's just rude
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  • Give her time
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  • She has found someone (you) of use to her, that is to depend on and be her friend and with whom she can share everything.
    But she is reluctant to be in a relationship with you because of the transition (i guess) .
    Even if it works someday, she may revert back to her original mind set.
    Its best for you to look elsewhere.

    • You know what is wired about her my friend that she can over it from other guy... why she is not over it with me and just become soo close then go far... close then far and become rude suddenly... why she is not block me and over it

    • Because she has realised that she won't find somebody so helpful and a good friend else where..
      So she sticks to u, but also doesn't want a relationship with you.
      She can't have everything as she wants right, so its good for you to start caring less about her and shift your focus on yourself and your life. Do not spend your time and mental energy on her. Be as if you are acquaintances. No need to say anything etc, just start to stop liking her.
      And thanks for the MHO

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  • for god's sake u can do so much better stop being a slave and get some one who actually loves you


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