What would you say to your ex?

So i didn't talk to my ex for about 4 years and lately we started "speaking" again (hi bye nothing big, he's reaaaalllyyyy shy). He made it clear that he wanted to be friends (started adding me back on social network and telling my friends he wants to be friends, he decided himself i didn't do anything), but everytime we see eachother its like he forgets how to be human and just smiles and runs away lol. it's starting to get awkward and i wana start really talking to him before we fall back in the "strangers" zone again.

But i don't know how to break the ice.. what to talk about?


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  • Hmmmm
    Let's run the basics
    1-have a fresh beginning
    2-don't mention your break up
    3-review yourself.. do you really want him back again, really?
    Who made the break up anyway?

    • well uhh.. its a veeery complicated story.. i dont wana write it all here. But lets just say he decided to break up but he didn't tell me why, but he regretted it a bit after, but he never had the balls to say it. i still dont know why we fought.. like i said it's complicated -.-

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    • well he basically did, he just loses it when we see eachother -.- and gotta be honest im not easy either i ignore him sometimes too its like my easy way out of awkward situations, so that doesn't help his shy ass lol. thats why im trying to step up and be more friendly but iduno how.

    • Hm
      Well basically when a human is trying to be friendly he'll eat shit at the end lol:-D
      It's humans nature
      But know what.. talk to him
      But don't try a lot

  • Hi..., then ask "did you text me on accident" cuz how she broke up with me was fucked up, then ask how is everything doing, and eventually the big question "what made you decide to text me after all this time".


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