How do you deal with an ex girlfriend pretending like you don't exist?

I broke up with my ex girlfriend of 5 years last month since I realised she would not be happy being with me due to our different backgrounds so I let her go, before then I had given up quite a lot to be with her such as family. since then she has deleted me off FB and deleted 5 years of our lives together, every time I whatsapp/email her to check how she is doing, she just ignores me, I told her I will always love her but she is acting as if I don't exist, I asked to meet her in person so we can resolve things and hopefully be friends but she just said no, I don't want us to be those ex couples who hate each other.


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  • I despite guys like you, seriously. You dumped her because you ASSUMED she wasn't happy enough, very immature. And then you have the audacity to suggest being friends? You should have talked to her first, see what she's thinking and feeling, and then talk about break up together, if it has to come to that (if she actually tells you she is not happy). But since you didn't that means the only person not happy there was you, not her. So if you don't want to be with her, give her a goddamn respect and leave her alone to move on.


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  • She's angry with you and is in a state of shock/resentment. You broke up with her for crying out loud, how did you expect her to react?

    What do you even want to resolve with her lol? Do you want her back in your life (pray forbid she accepts).

    You're an ass.


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  • Fuck i hate this
    This... girl doesn't worth it man
    And it doesn't matter if they're 5 years or 5 days
    Kick her ass and don't call her again
    For god sake ok?

  • Hmm sounds like real bad girl she act like you dont exist!! i think you're lucky to know her now than later what if she was your wife and your kids with her she will do the same you dont exist. So based on this shit cut your contact with her and thank god that you know how bad is she when things go bad.


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