Girls, My ex hopes I'm OK and wonders how my Uni is going?

We hadn't spoken for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden she contacts me...

What's up?


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  • Sounds innocent to me. Sounds like she just wants to let you know she cares. Maybe she wants to be friends.

    • She knows I don't want to be friends with her, and besides, I removed her off FaceBook.

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    • It's hard sometimes yeah but I think it depends on the people involved and what went on.

    • No one is involved other than us two.

      She told me we wouldn't be in contact for "some time", but then she texts me 2 weeks later.

      I've told her hundreds of times during our relationship, that I will never, ever be friends with an ex. So there's no way she would be contacting me to "be friends". In fact she told me she wouldn't be friends with an ex either and that they'd be out of her life straight after the break up.

      I'm sure girls wouldn't contact their exes...

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