Guys, Is it really over? What is he thinking?

In a nutshell:

He got upset and blocked me on fb before we started dating.
I never brought it up hoping he would just do it himself but never did.
He would however post our pictures on his facebook.
I found out he's still commenting/liking his ex girlfriend's pictures.

I've made it clear I do not play games and I will not accept inappropriate behaviors. I communicated this the first time I found out he entertains women flirting with him. I thought it was fair to mention it at least one time athough I feel it should be common sense.

Now that I've found out he still communicates with the ex, (no it's not insecurity, it's just respect and I certainly would not be liking my exes "sexy" pictures on any social media, although I'm not even friends with them at all), I broke it off with him. I said I need someone who protects the integrity of our relationship whether or not I'm around.

I tried to be the best I could to him. I gave him understanding for his busy schedule, never demanded anything, I would go to his job and bring him lunch when I was free, never involved any kind of guy trouble in the relationship, he acted as if he was very happy and thankful to be with me, and he always said I'm very different from the women he's met.

He tried to deny talking to her still and he said I'm breakin things off based on assumptions, and the last thing I sent him was my proof.

He hasn't said anything anymore nor has he made any efforts to correct the situation

We've been dating about 5 months, known each other 9 months, and it was very intense and we got really close. We're both 30 and up until this point, I thought he is a very honest man. We shared many deep profound conversations about the future, religion, our childhood, he even made a point to introduce me to his best friends, at work and one that visited him from out of town, talked to his mom and sisters about me. This is the first time I've ever caught him lying about something.

Why did he stop communicating competely? is it because he realized he got caught in a lie? Did he just not care that much to begin with? Should I even expect an apology? This happened two days ago.


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  • I like you, you're assertive and straight-forward. You don't play around that's for sure.

    He's being very childish but sees something in his ex which he doesn't see in you, to the point he can't respect your feelings.

    I don't think it's that he never cared from the start, it could be that him and his ex just recently sparked or clicked.

    Being 30 and up and still acting childish like this, he isn't actually a man. You seem like a smart women and know what you want, he doesn't. 5 months isn't much but it's up to you, I personally would leave. I'm not in your shoes so I can't truly say. Wish you the best

    • thank you so much. he has stopped communicating and I am just in awe how someone could say and do all that he said and did and just completely shut it off. amazing.

    • He sent flowers and wrote an explanation/apology letter. Said he didn't know where to begin. A man's mind is so interesting

    • No problem. It'll be a great thing if you guys can work it out. Goodluck

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