Getting over an ex from 5 years ago?

So I broke up with my ex boyfriend about 5 years ago. We were only together for around a year, but he had a pretty bad temper and was very controlling. Since then I've been with my current boyfriend nearly 3 years, but my ex messages me on and off still, even though he's in a relationship, hinting he still has feelings etc. I should be mad for how he treated me but I'm not! Lol. I absolutely adore my current boyfriend, just want to get this ex out my hair and keep him out of my thoughts. I was going to meet up with him when I'm back from traveling (I'm the other side of the world to him right now) and my friends have mixed opinions. I just see the idea as meeting him to get a few answers then close the book. What would you do? Why does he STILL message me after all this time.


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  • "Why does he STILL message me after all this time?"
    Because he's hoping for the reaction you're having right now.

    Ask yourself this: How would you feel if your BF's ex were messaging him? You wouldn't be cool with that, would you? It would feel disrespectful, wouldn't it? If I were in your situation, I wouldn't meet the ex at all. You've lived a full and happy life without him for the past five years, so why invite all that drama back into your life?


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  • You say your ex was very controlling in the relationship, it seems to me that he is still very controlling. He knows/hopes how his messages will mess with your head. And he's obviously achieving exactly what he wants. Meeting up with him is a bad idea. After five years you don't need any answers for him, you just need for him to go away. You say that you aren't even mad at him for having treated you the way he has. So I am unsure what answers you are looking for. Be honest, do you have other motives for wanting to meet up with him? Does it flatter you that he sends you these messages saying he's still got feelings for you?

    I think that you should simply block this guy and concentrate on your current relationship.


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  • Mine still bothers me too. He is mean and controlling. I wouldn't bother with him. He will never go away if you keep in contact.


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