How do I teach myself to treat my co-worker as just a friend, so that my heart is not continuously broken?

I have a crush on my co-worker. We flirt with each all the time, but I have noticed that I tend to get upset when I see him flirting with other women at our job. Tonight I decided that I would try not to take in personal when I am saw him flirt with our new manager. So when she left, he decided to come back and flirt with me all over again. However I told him no and in return he became upset with me and stop speaking to me. I felt like leftovers and it just wasn't the best feeling. I didn't tell him that, but we did up end talking later on before I left. He basically said he "forgives me," for my back and forth personality. I just want to learn how not to take anyting he does personal and in return continue to enjoy my day at work. Also was I wrong to say no to him, based on how I was feeling at that time? Please help me to understand how to put him in the friends category, so my heart is not hurt anymore.


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  • View coworkers as parts in a machine rather than people. Maintain and treat each part with love and care.


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