Need some tips with getting over ex?

i recently got out of a relationship and the guy was also my bestfriend, who i genuiely loved, we used to say i love you to eachother and he would wake me up with heartwarming texts, he was amazing in my eyes, everything i ever dreamt about anyways long story short, after a year and a half of dating we started drifting away and i got sad so i asked about it and he said he liked his ex, at first i was shocked but then i realised ofcourse he would still like her cuz she's really pretty, but that didn't hurt the most, the pain that killed me was him not being able to tell me himself considering we've been bestfriends for years now and he knew everything about me. We then broke up and haven't talked since, I don't know why but he doesn't try to contact me.. and i dont wanna text him first because i think seeing his name or out past convos gonna break me, i really wished he would at least say hi.

So recently he's being doing things with her (his ex now girlfriend) and ofcourse im jealous because that was me at one stage and i need help, i think about him everyday because some stupid little thing reminds me of him, is there any tips or tricks to get my mind off him?

p. s - i got a haircut cuz i read somewhere that getting a new look is a new start and thats kinda working but his still there and i need him gone, and I don't know if this helps but the breakup was about a month ago.


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  • Buckle up,
    First get rid of everything that could make you think about him
    Second start hanging out with your friends (I mean kinda keep yourself always busy and having fun with your family and friends)
    Third pick up old hobbies (like piano, painting, singing, acting etc .)
    Fourth put yourself out there, it's really hard to get over someone when there happy and your single.
    And lucky number five: go work out and eat healthy. It may seem off topic but it's amazing for your body. And the happier you feel, the happier you appear, and the more likely you are to get hit on by that brad Pitt lookin' guy.

    But try not to do anything to drastic with your hair or tattoos. When I see that happen to girls who just got broke up with, well I personally thought they went of the deep end. (if it's in a short period of time anyway.) that's just my opinion
    I hope you found this useful.

    • a list but ill do it, exercising so harrrrddddd aha, tho ill set myself a schedule, thankyou

    • No problem and the future you will thank you. Good luck!

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  • There are no tricks at this stage. The only consolation i can give you is that it'll get less difficult. Whenever you feel sad, you should face it. If you can try asking what made you sad. If you get an answer to that, try asking yourself why it made you sad.

    Here's the cool thing: the answer doesn't matter. These interviews with yourself makes you understand yourself better.

    As for some tips about distracting yourself try group activities with your friends. Something as simple as playing catch with someone can be a good diversion but more sophisticated things are more recommended.

  • When I breakup with someone the first thing I do is get rid of everything that reminds me of her. Did you do that?

    • i did, i deleted him from all my social media, phone, but i still have a couple pics of him.. i don't really wanna delete them because he looked so happy

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    • it's allg it helped (:

    • Great Idea

  • Try dating again to help take your mind off of your X

    • easy said then done

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    • thankyou and hopefully i will (:

    • You are very welcome Good luck

  • Do things that brings you happiness. That is my recommendation

  • There's a void that will be left by his absence that you must fill with something exciting. Watch movies, go out with friends, each eggrolls, do whatever it takes to fill that void with something that makes you happy.


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  • Avoid anything that involves the guy and his ex. If you share classes with them, act as if they don't exist. Try new fun things you've always wanted to do. Start talking to new guys... not to date but just to have someone to talk to


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