When is it right to delete photos?

say you've dated this guy/girl for 2-4 years and you have plenty of photos of you guys on your social media like facebook and Instagram. Do you guys delete it after you break up or do you leave it there?

plus if you started dating someone would you hate it if they still have those photos up with their exes? Would that bother you that they still have those up despite dating you?


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  • If they are pictures as in paper pictures you never tear them up you can remove them from facebook and all but never destroy paper pictures that person is a part of your past like a year book in high school you will have something always to look back on. Its like a high school year book do you tear out the persons pic in the year book because you don't like him or her no you don't.

    • Yes true but I meant online, would you delete it or keep them? And if your girlfriend had pics of her ex up like 100's would you be okay with that?

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    • Oh ok, thanks for answering

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  • When I take an interest in someone new I will remove them but keep them saved in the computer. I'm really the type that don't like to delete photos.

    • Interesting. I don't like deleting photos eithef

    • Either

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  • I waited for two months until she went on vacation for two weeks. The day she left for vacation I removed her from fb so she had time to dwell on it rather than phone me and scream about it.
    I removed the photos a few days later.

    • I see. What if your girlfriend had pics of her ex up, would that bother you?

    • Ummm well I don't think we are calling ourselves boyfriend/ girlfriend yet but we are definitley seeing each other.
      She has sent me pictures of them together recently. I mean because I feel so strongly for her I guess I feel a tiny tiny bit jealous and a little uncomfy by it, but it's her history. I would rather know her history and all about her than not. I can deal with it.:)

    • Great, thanks for answering :)

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