What does this mean?


So me and my ex broke up 2 months ago but he came back and we had it great for 2 weeks, after that we got into a fight and didn't spoke. I twxted him a week ago on Saturday that I was sorry and everything but he said he hates me because I always end up dumping him. I said I understood and asked him to just block me on fb too (he already blocked me on whatsapp) he ignored me and didn't block me, the next day I asked him again and then he said "yes is cool I will block you ^^" so he did. The next day he unblocked. me and after two days blocked. me. again. Then we crossed each other on our way to school and when he got home he unblocked me on whatsapp and facebook. His status is "Aint a damn thing changed" and when I was walking with my dog I saw him again, in my street and thats not the shortest way for him to go home.

What does this mean.. I miss him


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