Has the guy moved on?

IF the break up didn't end bad.. ...it was kind of understood that it wasn't going to work out ...

but he initiated it

and the guy said to the girl if you need to vent or anything she can go talk to him

but the girl said she doesn't want to seem like she's using him and she said she doesn't want to talk to him .

the guy said : he understands.

but a a month or so after the break up the girl text him and ask how he's doing

but all she got was a simple response.

the girl is still hurting but wants to know what's going on with this guy..

and then the girl e-mailed the guy and said she will delete him as a friend

and the response she got was : we all got different ways of doing things. best of luck.

has the guy moved on?

are they not friends?

if the girl still wants to be friends (maybe not right now) what should she do.

any ideas on why the guy only throws out limited response?

Any sort of input with be wonderful!

could he really have moved on that fast? or is he still recovering himself?
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Thanks everyone that commented :)

I really appropriated the feedback :)
Has the guy moved on?
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