Guys, girls what type of things have you done to make your ex jealous? Did it work? Why do you do it? What outcome do you want?

My ex sent me video of him and his new underage gf having sex. I wrote him and told him to move away with her and f++ off. Was my reaction unreasonable? Prior to that I had told him I was happy he found her so I don't know why he had to go out of his way like that. That's what prompted my question.


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  • the only thing that I do and made him went back to me on his knees was doing great in school and showing and proving that I am better than anyone that he was able to meet..

    • That's kind of my thought too, the best revenge is to be better. 😊

    • you got that right girl!!! good luck!!!

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  • Honestly, I don't really go out of my way to make someone jealous. I find my ex's get angry and jealous when they see me happy or when they realize they're no longer the centre of my attention.

    • I only get angry when my exes send me pics of them having sex with their new gf. But otherwise I'm happy for them, I just don't like being harassed. :)

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    • There's nothing you can tell me. I was asking what other people have done to get even with their ex? Not that I am going to do something to mine but I wanted to know if I'm the only one out there that has someone acting all cray cray and stuff.

    • Anyways doesn't matter the post was for fun.

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