Awkward Wedding…. What to do?

I was asked to be the maid of honor in my best friends wedding. Surprising? Not really. However, here is where it gets juicy. I dated my best friends brother on and off for 6 years. He is the only guy i have ever loved and he led me on and broke my heart. Right after things ended he met a girl online that he treats like a princess and intends on marrying. The last time i saw him or had any communication with him was 8 months ago when things ended. Now i am going to this wedding and will have to see him for 3 or 4 days. As much as i want to be there for my friend i am really nervous and still really upset about the way he treated me. I know i need to let it go but it really sucks that everything seems to be going so well for him. How do I act at this wedding? I know it is rather immature but part of me really wants him to regret the way he treated me. Any advice on how to act in this situation?


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  • I agree with the guys. Go and show that jerk how happy and awesome you are!! Focus on doing everything you can for your friend and having a good time and you won't have to fake how good you feel. Plus you never know who you'll meet ;)


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  • Ignore him and act like he's invisible. Talk to other guys take advantage because there are a lot of singles at weddings for some odd reason.

    • Would this get under his skin or what he be able to see through it and just think i am being immature

    • Fuck what he thinks. If your having a good time then it shouldn't matter. The best revenge is to be happy and smile. Live your life and let go...

  • Only chance in hell of him regretting anything is to play normal like nothing bothers you at all. Be nice like you're friends.

    If you do anything other than that, he will not regret a thing!!!

    • Pete, Micheal and BellePepper all gave you outstanding advice. Take their words to heart and go enjoy yourself.

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