How do I go on?

My ex and I were dating for 2 years and 5 months. We found out I was 6 weeks pregnant in January and lost out child in February . After we lost our child we have been off. I had to get a d&c done and he told me he couldn't make it because he had to babysit and go to wrk. I was furious . After that we been off I would try to contact him I would get sit to voicemail , or he would lie and say he was sleep and he even told his little sister that if I called to tell me he was sleep. I told him that and he said he'll stop was good for about 3 days then it happens again. I got feed up and said you know what he always says he loves me and it's all about us I told him I wanted to get married . He told me I can get you a promise ring but not a marriage ring. We been good after that then he didn't text me all day then texts me call me later at 6:30 am. I just feed up I told him I feel like it's someone else he said no I said are u loosing interest he said no. Basically I just changed my number and wanna know If I am doing the right thing and what's my next step to moving on


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  • It's the right thing. He's disconnected. He is the only one that can help himself. You need to heal and you can't do that worrying about him.


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