Why we can't forgive each other instead of try to destroy each other it's so clear we love each other. Why are some relationships based on hurt?


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  • What is it that you can't forgive? What is it that he can't forgive?

    • It's like we're always trying to one up each other in the process hurting each other

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    • Haha may be, but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings, lol.. Real nice making me laugh in time of my dispare

    • It sounds as if most of your moments are filled with despair. Am I right?

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  • because there's sth called... jealousy maybe?

    • But I don't want to fight I just want my sweetheart back... Please believe me.. I'm so hurt. I hate defending myself this way. When I know I rather be loving him completely. Why doesn't he see this part of me.. What blinders do u men have on at times that doesn't allow u to love completely? 😧

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