How do you deal with heart sickness?

My boyfriend of 9 months broke up with me last week and I was honestly really in love with him. Close to our break up, I felt we were only boyfriend and girlfriend when he felt like it, and I'm so sad that we are no longer together for some strange reasons.
I considered online dating, but when I talked to some of them, I felt like I was cheating and stopped or would cry and stay away from them.
He has also been off his adhd medication for four weeks and was just put back on it a few days ago, so I don't know if that had a factor into it (honestly he didn't give me a good reason why he broke up with me).
What's your input on this and how can I move on?


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  • I wish I knew I have never gotten over my past loves. Especially one girl, from whom I have felt the way you do, for some 12 years now. It never goes away.

    • Understood.
      I'm confused on many things and I wonder if being off his adhd medicine has any effect to it. I don't even know what happens to someone off those types of medication.
      I still love and care for him and don't know why.

    • What do you mean, you don't know why?

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  • Same here broke up last week, not a great feeling. We were together for a year and a half, wish we could be back together, but try to think of the brighter side, being single can be fun sometimes, well maybe, I'm trying to hang out and do fun stuff and just party and all to forget it'll take time but worth it. Just think that one day u'd find some guy that u'd be with forever so don't make urself sick by thinking and crying, because whats done is done can't be taken back. Just hang around with friends more, it honestly helps

    • I don't have any friends though. My only friend, my grandma, died last year and I've felt alone ever since.

    • Aww, do u have siblings? Maybe go to some party meet new people, just try not to fall for anyone, and then maybe it'll take 4/5 months to the most to recover from heartbreak.

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  • I would cry.

    • I've been doing that every night and haven't slept really for days. This was my first relationship and the reasons why I never wanted to date ended up happening.

    • This happen to me before too.

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