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My sister and her bf of 1-2 years broke up with her. The way he handled the break up was terrible. He ignored her, brought up girls to make her jealous, and he is a huge hypocrite. Like if he wanted to read her messages she would let him. But if she wanted to read his messages he wouldn't let her. Ok, but my sister was madly in love with him, and still is. She would take him back in a heartbeat. She constantly thinks she needs to prove to him that she is worth it and that she needs him in her life. This makes me mad of course, because she did nothing wrong. Anytime I give her advice (I've dealt with the same thing before) she doesn't care or try to consider it. I've always been there for her and stuck up for her whenever he treated her like shit. You know, what older sibilings are supposed to do. But she tells other people such as my bf that the only people there for her were him and another one of her friends. It hurts extremely bad knowing your sister doesn't give a fuck about you... But her bf is asking her for sex and I feel that she is dumb enough to do it because she is at a vulnerable state where she would do anything to get him back. How can I prevent her from making that mistake, because I'm off at college and I know she would sneak out of the house late at night for him. I just want her to leave that piece of shit alone because he obviously doesn't care about her?


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  • I understand what you're saying. However, sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes. I know you want to prevent her from getting hurt, but sometimes that isn't possible. She might need to learn to recognize this kind of jerk on her own, and she might have to get her heart broken first.


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