I cry over him, over what we had and still mourning?

I discovered that he was bi sexual at least I thought he was and then finally discovered that he was Gay but fighting it and was only with me to procreate. He cheated on me with multiple transexuals and men. That hurts, a lot. I left him in Feb this year on Valentine's Day and trying to cope with our breakup. He DENIES everything despite proof pictures, convos and emails. A few different trannies told me the deal. I accept who he is just wish he would have told me before making me fall in love and breaking my heart. 😢


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  • Anonymous, I am so sorry for your experience. That scenario rings true to my life, I was madly in love with a guy who said he was straight, but I found out in a very weird way that he was no sexual, and that he was leaning more to the gay side of life, and that hurt me too, because he treated me well, did everything I could ever dream of, but I didn't want to marry him and find out that any children I had with him would grow up asking why 'dad has a collection of wigs, girls clothes, high heels, hand bags, makeup, nail polish, jewellery, bras and underwear' etc.

    I welcome you to contact me further should you wish to let out your feelings in more detail, it's not common I come into contact with people who experience this kind of situation where I can relate to it.

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day