Was it my fault she left me?

Recently my girlfriend and I broke up. She told me that she does not love me and she does not think she ever will. She said that I did not spend enough time with her and I work too much. But I really liked this girl, I even told her I loved her. I tried to work hard to provide for her. But sometimes I felt that she'd did not love me as much as I loved her. She told me she also found someone else she can love and she was leaving me for her. Does this sound like my fault? I felt that shot since this, I feel like I'm not good enough.
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I meant him when it said she loves her. She is not a lesbo.


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  • In a dollar sense, it Started out as your own 'Fault' here, dear, by working as many hours as you did and Not finding some sort of go between to Make a schedule or find room for her With------I work too much.
    I was once myself in a similar scenario where I saw my boyfriend maybe Once a month if I was lucky,. He claimed to love me, that I was the only one but never was willing to Give up some other priorities to be with me More than I think he could have.
    In your own case, now that you have Faced, a sticky situation where... she may have found this Other eventually, no matter how many days you spent with her, for it appears, she has found this 'Someone' who Not only will play ball with her more often but someone who is Just the opposite of you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Okay, my bad... Perhaps you shoved her into the arms of this guy. xx

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  • No I don't think that her leaving is your fault. It honestly sounds like you worked hard to provide for you and for her. Some times it's just not ment to be for a variety of reasons it honestly sounds to me like she wasn't that much in love at all. No need to beat your self up over things that are beyond your control. You gotta just put it behind you now and move forward


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  • She should have appreciated you working so hard. She is selfish.

  • She's leaving you for a girl?


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